Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Down & Out in Beverly Hills 90212...

I love my job but...As I lay meditating in the steam room of my very upscale gym in Beverly Hills, I was reminded that Monday was just on the horizon. I love my job, but I always considered myself a career woman rather than a chick with a job. Who was it that said anything you do for more than 21 days becomes a habit.

That's what I feel my work has become; part of a daily ritual - a habit. I want a career not a job. I want to drive to my office, say hello to my assistant, delegate a bevy of tasks and check items off my to do list. I want to lunch at Noon on Robertson, meet my girls for an afternoon movie during the week, shop when the stores first open. I want to be the first person to mess up the sweaters or dishevel the nicely folded jeans in Barney's then meet the girls upstairs at Green Grass for an espresso and famous lox platter.

Instead, my weekdays are a series of habits that I'm beginning to really dislike. Starting with swiping my parking card to enter the parking garage, searching for the most desirable (unassigned parking spot), pressing the elevator call button, riding up to the Penthouse suite while taking note of a slew of random 9-5'ers enter and exit various floors en route and finally walking directly to the kitchen (before stopping at my cubicle to drop my load) to top off my Starbucks coffee I bought at my regular spot a mere 30 minutes earlier.

Oh no she didn't!

This past Wednesday I sent my sister a text which read...

I love my job BUT…every morning, I pout all the way to work - chanting softly (so no one hears) why me, why me, why me...

Instead of being supportive and empathetic she says "You wouldn't be in this situation if you had gone to college like I suggested"

I couldn't believe she said that, not just because it was audacious and arrogant - but her tone was quite hainty. I didn't want to be the one to state the obvious but, in this situation, she left me no choice. So, I (not so) kindly reminded her that even though she graduated Summa Cum Laude from a top 25 University she only earns approximately 35% more than I earn. I was also sweet enough to let her know, in addition, to earning a mere 35% more she does 3 times as much work as I and commutes 3 times further than I.

Needless to say she didn't have a rebuttal.

Welcome to our Blog!

I shall be known as Elizabeth and my sister shall be known as Michell - together we don the moniker Elizabeth Michell.

This blog is an intended collaboration between Elizabeth (me) and Michell (her). We are each others saving grace and proverbial shoulder to lean on as we navigate the daily ebbs and flow of our 9-5, matrixee lifestyle.

The majority of our conversations tend to center around how much we "LOVE" our respective jobs. We've since decided to start this blog to inform and entertain those viewers who may similarly relate to our experiences.


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